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From the Archive to the New

Under the concept “from the archive to the new” this paper explores the impact of digital computational technology in the way we store, share and transform information in a technologically mediated society. It starts by developing a theoretical investigation on the topic, while addressing a “brief history” of the digitalization of the archive and its consequences. Secondly, it proposes a practical approach to the subject through the development of a digital web-based platform divided in two key moments — archive and program. The digital archive gathers projects related to the theoretical investigation. We then create small computational programs in order to transform the stored information into new meaningful pieces of information. Finally, we present a framework used as a design methodology to guide the development of these computational programs, seeking to produce results whose expression, meaning and reflection contributes to a renewed view of the archive.

Article with Luísa Ribas and José Gomes Pinto, published in xCoAx 2016: Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X, edited by Mario Verdicchio, Alison Clifford, André Rangel & Miguel Carvalhais, Bergamo.