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Que(m) são os algoritmos?

In a time when digital technology is embedded in our social, economic, political and even emotional structures, we live in what Donna Haraway calls “technologically mediated society” (Haraway, 1991: 45). In this context, behind the surfaces, the algorithmic governance is gradually wider and due to the increasing complexity of their structures, their action is increasingly getting out of our control. Using the concept of “individuation”, of Gilbert Simondon, and the research “Evolving Virtual Creatures” by Karl Sims in the field of neuroscience and computing, we find that the growth of algorithms may resemble to a biological evolution of species, and we note that this techno-species are in an exponential evolution and potentially those entities might get a new mode of existence. With such a prognosis question only “what are the algorithms?” or “what do the algorithms do?” seems to become increasingly reducing, compared to the need to consider “who are the algorithms?”

Article with Luísa Ribas, present at II Congresso Internacional NetAtivismo: Constelações do Ativismo em Rede, published in Constelações do Ativismo em rede: Livro de Atas do II Congresso Internacional de Net-Ativismo, organized by Marina Magalhães, Luis Miguel Loureiro, Elisabete Pinto da Costa e Maria Belém Ribeiro.