Web design and code for Rialto6.


Web design and code for AiR 351 Residencies.


Web design and code for Galeria Zé dos Bois.


Web design and code for artist and researcher Luísa Salvador, identity by Sílvia Prudêncio.


Web design and code for Eira–Contemporary Dance, identity by Ana Freitas.


Web design and code for Re-vis-ta magazine, edited by Flávia Violante and Rita Salgueiro, identity by Sílvia Prudêncio.

Web design and code for Sci—Doc European Science TV and New Media Festival, organized by Apordoc, identity by Beatriz Granado.

Whole Web Catalog


Taking the ambivalences of both the Whole Earth Catalog and the Internet, Whole Web Catalog is an ongoing web search engine that explores the space between a sharing global community and a whole system control. Connected to various information services and datasets through open APIs, Whole Web Catalog is a mash up tool to already existing tools, that returns an assemblage of information in order to get non-unilateral responses. While being an alternative tool to corporated search engines, it also questions the relevance of the information available in open datasets.

Web application exhibited at Museo del Traje during xCoAx Madrid 2018 and article published at xCoAx 2018, Proceedings of the Fourth Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X, edited by Mario Verdicchio, Alison Clifford, André Rangel & Miguel Carvalhais, Madrid.